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Maui Photography "About Us"

Douglas & Mieko and their girls

Maui Photography Inc. is a full service photography studio, specializing in family portraits, which includes family portrait on location, Baby and pregnancy session in studio, Senior portraits and “Watch Me Glow” children portrait seriese.

What separates them from all the othre photographers on the island is that they produce canvas portraits on their own.  They have Epson 9800 pro printer to create canvas print as large as 40×60 inches.  Retouching, digital artworks, print finishing and stretching, All these important process will be handled by Douglas & Mieko and their staff.  Also, If you order one of their custom designed album, they will not send your order out to some album automated design company in mainland nor using downloaded templates from the internet.  They will take time design page by page.  Because, every client’s session is different.  Each pages will become one of the kind to preserve your family’s magical moments.

Douglas and Mieko has been in photography industory since 1995.  They started as photo-journalists.  They have traveled around south east pacific ocean and wrote about most exotic places to scuba dive and stay.  Their articles were published internationally such as Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, UK and USA.  All the experiences from those days made them a strong team as a life time partner.  In 1999, they return to Maui where they met and established Maui Photography Inc.

Instantlly, they become one of the most popular wedding photographers.  They only worked with Island’s prestigious wedding departments, Grand Wailea Resort, The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, Fairmont Kea Lani and Fourseasons resort.  They worked night and day, 7 days a week.  In 2003, They got pregnant and had their first baby girl.  While they were raising their first child, they realized that they are not able to keep their working schedule like they used to.  It would be so unfair to their girl if they are always left behind with a nanny.  They needed to make a change in their lifestyle.  They also wanted to share how beautiful to be a parent.  That is why they are specialized as “Family Portrait Artists” now.

They are determined to preserve your family legacy into a portrait.  Your family is keep growing and changing.  Highlight of your family moment is always “Now”.  That is why Douglas and Mieko is so passionate about what they do.  Their portraits and family albums will be appreciated your family generation after generation.

Call Douglas and Mieko at 808-879-0260 and chat who you are today.  They will help you to create your legacy.

P.S. Did I mentioned that they are blessed to have their 2nd girl on 2009?

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