Doing our part for the community

Each year we make it a point to donate our time and resources to schools and worthy non-profits.  In March, we volunteered to be paparazzi at the Montessori Hale o Keiki School fundraising event at Gannons restaurant.

While walking around and flashing people as they arrived I managed to get these images.

It seemed like a wonderful event, and the restaurant was packed, so we hope the school made a lot of money.

If coming to the island and interested in having family portrait done check out Maui Photography.  If interested in learning about photography check out Maui Photo Tours.  If interested in whale photography workshops and expeditions check this out.

Waterfront Restaurant in Maui

The Waterfront Restaurant in Maui has been an island favorite for over 25 years.  The restaurant has moved a small distance and now has a very large space overlooking Maalaea Harbor.  We have eaten there to celebrate all of our anniversaries and are so excited that Douglas’ photography was selected for the decor.  When the doors open in mid-May their will be over 40 pieces of art on the walls.

This photograph is of Oneloa Beach, commonly called Big Beach.  It is located on the south side of the island in Makena.  I used a fish eye lens in order to show the beaches size and incredible topography.  This is an iconic location for Maui, and is visited by a large number of tourists and is a favorite amongst locals too.

To see more fine art check out the Art of Photography.  Interested in learning more about photography?  Check out Maui Photo Tours.  Is it time to have a family portrait created, if so check out our portrait planning guide on the family portrait/ gallery page of this site.

Maui Family Photography, Family Portrait – McDonald Family

Maui Wailea Po'oleanlena Beach, Family portrait, Family Photography

Many times families ask us to create a portrait that includes not only the beauty of Hawaii but also the playful nature of their family. One of the ways we do this is to ask the family to go for a walk on the beach.

If your coming to Maui or interested in photography these links might be of value.  More about family photography

Maui Photography owner Douglas Hoffman is one of the photographers included in the new book Absolute Maui

The book Absolute Maui was delivered today and happily, there are three of Douglas’ chef photographs in the book.  They include Chef Marc McDowell, Sheldon Simeon, and James McDonald.

Chef James at the farm


I love that James prefers food to be fresh and go from the farm right to the plate.  Kudos to you Chef!



Maui Photography launches new business Maui Photo Tours

Over the last few years we have noticed that almost every family coming to Maui has a digital camera. Technology has made it simple to point and shoot and take pictures.  Having said that a lot of people do not know what the settings on their cameras do let alone understand basic rules of composition.

So we decided to help people learn about their cameras while having fun in Maui, and recently started a new division called Maui Photo Tours.

Were offering 1/2 and full day scenic tours and workshops around the island for individuals, families, and small groups.  We will take people to locations that are good for photography and off the beaten path.  Our instructors will show  the best vantage points, provide tips on composition,and help each participant take better photographs.   At the same time he or she will be creating photographs of the tour in order to make a souvenir music side show as a gift to take home.

bamboo forerst

Were also offering mini workshops at peoples homes, or resorts.  We will come and give a concise easy to understand talk about photography and answer all your families questions, then go outside and work together to create portraits of the scenery and each other.

Workshops in Iphone photography, basic and advanced photoshop are also offered.

Check out Maui photo tours  for more information.

Maui Photography – Beautiful Hawaiian Sunsets

Maui Magic

The sunsets are beautiful in Maui.  If coming to the island make sure to take time and enjoy them. Each day the sun sets differently with some more spectacular than others.

To get a good exposure point your camera off to the side of the brightest point in the scene and meter the light.  Most digital cameras today have a light meter inside and that’s what your using to set the exposure.  Once you have determined the values set the shutter and f-stop to match.  Now your ready to then recompose the scene and make the photograph.

If coming to Maui and want to learn more about taking better pictures check this out.

Maui Photo Tours and Workshop – Beach photography tip

When going to the beach to create portraits of people, avoid putting the horizon line in someones head or body. One way to do this is create the photograph from a higher angle of view. Mieko and I bring a step ladder to every session for this very reason.

The heads are below the horizon line making for a more pleasing composition

If interested in a photography workshop while in Maui, check this out.