Maui Suzuki Violin plays in public!


This weekend I had the chance to listen, watch, and take photographs of the Maui Suzuki Violin students do their thing at a public fund raising event.  It was incredible seeing kids of all ages be excited about music.

The kids played for 90 minutes and the music was like candy to my ears.  Seeing the passion and joy in the faces made it worth all the investment of time and money.

I think learning to play music is like learning another language.   Good for them!

Learning the violin takes practice and this means less time in front of the T.V.

As I write this post my family is upstairs playing.  It is wonderful!

I know the parents of these kids are very proud.  I was thinking a the next recital I should photograph them so they can see the joy and pride that shows on their faces.


These are just some of the magical moments of our lives.   If there is a special event or family function coming up please call Maui Photography to talk about your families portrait needs.

Live Pono!

Mystic Waterfall

This portrait is titled Mystic Waterfall and it is located on the road to Hana.  It is 30 x 60 and printed on aluminum.  It will be on display at the Waterfront Restaurant when it re-opens in mid May.   I was a waiter there in 1990 and it is an honor to come back as the artist providing the decor.  The new location is in the shops at Maalaea Harbor.    See more images here

Doing our part for the community

Each year we make it a point to donate our time and resources to schools and worthy non-profits.  In March, we volunteered to be paparazzi at the Montessori Hale o Keiki School fundraising event at Gannons restaurant.

While walking around and flashing people as they arrived I managed to get these images.

It seemed like a wonderful event, and the restaurant was packed, so we hope the school made a lot of money.

If coming to the island and interested in having family portrait done check out Maui Photography.  If interested in learning about photography check out Maui Photo Tours.  If interested in whale photography workshops and expeditions check this out.

Maui Photography owner Douglas Hoffman is one of the photographers included in the new book Absolute Maui

The book Absolute Maui was delivered today and happily, there are three of Douglas’ chef photographs in the book.  They include Chef Marc McDowell, Sheldon Simeon, and James McDonald.

Chef James at the farm


I love that James prefers food to be fresh and go from the farm right to the plate.  Kudos to you Chef!



Presentation at Maui Camera Club Nov 14th, 2011

The Maui Camera Club has asked me to do  presentation on November 14th at 6PM. As I just returned from a 5 week trip to Tonga and Fiji I thought it a good idea to show recent whale and shark photographs.  The location is hard to find so call John Hugg at 808 264 2557 for directions. Anyone interested in Humpback Whales or sharks will enjoy this program. It is free and open to the public.

Poetry in Motion

I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Digital cameras are so ever-present in society today. Even my phone has a camera

Each month we see new and smaller cameras in the hands of tourists coming to Hawaii.  Indeed, i t is getting easier and easier for people to take pictures, Even today’s cell phones are creating photographs.

Family is very important and portraits like this are priceless

We  think its great because the more the public takes pictures, the more they are learning about photography.  These days people are able to see the difference between a well posed, composed & illuminated portrait from one that is not.

Mind you were not saying that the public can explain why one image is better than another, only that people are starting to see a difference.  This is starting to build respect and value back into photography. Recent trends show people are learning that while they can take pictures posing people & lighting them well is not easy.

Family portraiture on Maui

In the not to distant past a person would shoot a roll of film and take it to the lab.  The people there would do their magic and just like that people got nice pictures.   When digital came out people and photo labs had to start learning Photoshop to make their pictures better. This has truly made the last 10 years the digital age and one of the reasons why people are starting to hire professionals again.  As a result we’re getting more inquiries from people.

I tell people who are on the fence about hiring a professional portrait photographer.  Having a portrait created is not something done often. So when ts time – its important to do right.  Its kind of like hiring a plumber. When you have the need, its better to get a pro and get it taken care of right the first time.

I tried hiring a home repairman to fix a leak, and in the end I spent more time, money, and frustration than if I had hired a plumber to begin with.


For those that want to do it yourself, why not take a photography workshop as a family.  IT will be fun, and you will take home knowledge and great memories.


Helping our Community Through Family Portraiture

Have beautiful family portraits created while supporting MAPA!!

We are working with MAPA, Maui Academy of Performing Arts to help raise money.  From each session booked Maui Photography is donating $50.

In the spirit of giving, we are offering a special family portrait package for $375.  It includes an on location session and a music slide show valued at $750. This is 50% off our normal rate.  Then we are donating 5% of the net proceeds from additional purchases to MAPA.

To take advantage of this special offer call today 808-879-0260.
Offer ends November 30th.

Family Music Slide Show