Workshop on composition

blog imsge tour 9:30In this image their are three compositional designs in use.  First is framing.  The bamboo trees serve to frame the image and draw the viewers attention.  Next are the repetitious lines of the bamboo trees which also directs the viewers eye.  Third, the S-curve going through the image guides the viewer down the trail and beyond.  These are some of the concepts we discuss and practice in a photography workshop.

IF planning a trip to Maui, let us know we offer a variety of workshops. We can come to your hotel and teach you how to use your camera, and take better photographs as well as take you on a tour of the island and teach you on location. Call 808 870 3686 for information.

Mystic Waterfall

This portrait is titled Mystic Waterfall and it is located on the road to Hana.  It is 30 x 60 and printed on aluminum.  It will be on display at the Waterfront Restaurant when it re-opens in mid May.   I was a waiter there in 1990 and it is an honor to come back as the artist providing the decor.  The new location is in the shops at Maalaea Harbor.    See more images here

Kids will be kids

Kids will be kids

The Shepard kids were visiting Maui, and we were on a beach in Makena making family portraits.  Once the main portrait was finished, it was time to relax and let the kids be kids. These kids were unaware of this photograph being  being taken thus captured a real candid moment that preserves the joy of youth.

Many of our clients tell us that the highlight of their vacation was the time we spent together on the beach & the portraits we created.

If you would like to learn methods and techniques to better photograph your children consider taking a family portrait workshop.   If in need of the perfect gift check out this fine art photography.  If you want to create a family portrait during your next Maui trip check this out.

North Shore Sunrise

North Shore Sunrise

This image was created last week just minutes after sunrise.  I used a low camera position because I wanted the horizon in the upper third. Thankfully my carbon fiber tripod was made to use in uneven topography as the ground was anything but even.

I wanted to show the wide angle view of Hawaii’s beautiful coastline and decided to use the fish eye lens.  In part thats because the lens has a 180 degree angle of view, but the secondary reason is  I love the fish eye lens because of  the way the image bends at the ends.

We live on a round planet and for some reason people have come to expect straight lines on the horizons of photographs seen.  I think its refreshing to see the curve.  In addition, it adds a secondary line that repeats the round line of the water surrounding the rocks in the foreground.

The portrait will be printed as  30 x 60 and will be displayed in Waterfront Restaurants private dining room. The Waterfront is one of Maui’s most established restaurants and is located in Maalaea Harbor.

If interested in a participating in a photography workshop or tour check out Maui Photo Tours.  Click here interested in fine art photography.

Waterfront Restaurant in Maui

The Waterfront Restaurant in Maui has been an island favorite for over 25 years.  The restaurant has moved a small distance and now has a very large space overlooking Maalaea Harbor.  We have eaten there to celebrate all of our anniversaries and are so excited that Douglas’ photography was selected for the decor.  When the doors open in mid-May their will be over 40 pieces of art on the walls.

This photograph is of Oneloa Beach, commonly called Big Beach.  It is located on the south side of the island in Makena.  I used a fish eye lens in order to show the beaches size and incredible topography.  This is an iconic location for Maui, and is visited by a large number of tourists and is a favorite amongst locals too.

To see more fine art check out the Art of Photography.  Interested in learning more about photography?  Check out Maui Photo Tours.  Is it time to have a family portrait created, if so check out our portrait planning guide on the family portrait/ gallery page of this site.

How to photograph kids and pets

Below are 7 tips to photographing pets and children.  Enjoy!

1) get out of your comfort zone and into theirs.   Kids and pets are not tall like adults, so go down to their level.  Try getting low or even on the ground.  You will see all kinds of new angles and possibilities.

2) Dont bark commands and force them into cooperation. Parents are famous for this.  Yes, we want respectful children, but we dont want tantrums, tears, and conniption fits. so sometimes parents just have to relax.

3) Let kids & pets be themselves.  If they want to explore let them, you might just get something really special that you would otherwise not have even considered.

4)  Remember the best portraits are the ones that tell a story and evoke an emotion, not just looking at the camera.  In this way you capture the personalty and emotion of the subject and this is timeless.

5) Saying cheese triggers the mind to make a cheesy smile.  Instead capture a portrait with a real expression.

Smile for the camera

7) Use props like a noise making chicken, sea shells, bubbles, toys, & sand castles for kids, frisbees, dog toys, treats, ocean, and squeaky noise makers for dogs.

6) Have Fun – Remember Getting wet or dirty makes for great story telling.

7) Have dog treats, kids snacks, drinks, towels, and extra clothes standing by.

Helpful links.

If coming to Maui and are interested in a family portrait please contact Maui Photography.   If interested in learning about photography, check out Maui Photo Tours.  Workshops on landscape, basic, I-phone, portraiture, and underwater photography are offered.               If interested in fine art photography or joining wildlife  photography expeditions check out Douglas J Hoffman

Maui Photography Inc. – Holiday Inventory Sale: Everything is 30%off

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Aloha Everyone,

We are going to have our first “Holiday Inventory Sale”.  All items listed on this blog is 30% off! This offer will be expired on 12/31/11.  Inventory is limited so Hurry to contact us to make purchase.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Paypal payment.  

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On this post, we list all of Canvas print stretched as Gallery wrap.  

These images are printed on canvas, laminated with water base varnish, stretched on 1.5 inch canvas stretcher bar and signed by artist.  Just FYI, All canvas prints will be sold without logo.

“Oneloa” Size 14×21 on canvas stretched as gallery wrap Regular Price $300 is now only $210.

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“Devotion” Size 14×21 on canvas stretched as gallery wrap Regular Price $300 is now only $210.


“Serenity” Size 14×21 on canvas stretched as gallery wrap Regular Price $300 is now only $210.


“Mother’s Love” Size 14×21 on canvas stretched as gallery wrap Regular Price $300 is now only $210. 


“Devotion” Size 14×21 on canvas stretched as gallery wrap Regular Price $300 is now only $210.


“Fierce Competitor” Size 24×36 on canvas stretched as gallery wrap Regular Price $800 is now only $560.


“Sanctuary” Size 20×30 on canvas stretched as gallery wrap Regular Price $600 is now only $420.


“Hope” Size 20×30 on canvas stretched as gallery wrap Regular Price $600 is now only $420.


“Sanctuary” Size 20×30 on canvas stretched as gallery wrap Regular Price $600 is now only $420.




Maui Photography launches new business Maui Photo Tours

Over the last few years we have noticed that almost every family coming to Maui has a digital camera. Technology has made it simple to point and shoot and take pictures.  Having said that a lot of people do not know what the settings on their cameras do let alone understand basic rules of composition.

So we decided to help people learn about their cameras while having fun in Maui, and recently started a new division called Maui Photo Tours.

Were offering 1/2 and full day scenic tours and workshops around the island for individuals, families, and small groups.  We will take people to locations that are good for photography and off the beaten path.  Our instructors will show  the best vantage points, provide tips on composition,and help each participant take better photographs.   At the same time he or she will be creating photographs of the tour in order to make a souvenir music side show as a gift to take home.

bamboo forerst

Were also offering mini workshops at peoples homes, or resorts.  We will come and give a concise easy to understand talk about photography and answer all your families questions, then go outside and work together to create portraits of the scenery and each other.

Workshops in Iphone photography, basic and advanced photoshop are also offered.

Check out Maui photo tours  for more information.