Including the family pet in portraits.

Many people consider their dog as part of the family so it makes since to include them when having portraits created.

Include the famly dogs in your portraits

We love our dogs and include them whenever we do family portraits.  Occasionally, we leave the family out and just make portraits of the dogs.  We found this to be priceless as Yap passed away last year.  Our family enjoys the portraits created each day.

Yap and Finn

In the not to distant future we will need to have a new portrait created that includes Dusty.  He is our 4 month old puppy.   Dusty has only been to the beach twice and get gets very excited.  Stay tuned………

Senior Portraits

You’ve spent the last 17 year raising a child to go out into the world and be a good citizen.  Many families have said the senior portrait marks the period when a child becomes an adult and becomes responsible for their own well being.

Senior portraits Should reflect your personality

We are years away from going through that and understand that it might be difficult letting go.  Not necessarily for our children but for us.

Living in the Moment

Golden Moment

While on vacation this young lady was enjoying the sunset in Makena Maui.

To create this image we used two off camera lights that were controlled by a radio transmitter.  We use tools like this to help shape light and create portraits with depth, dimension, and texture.

Senior Portrait Session

At the end of May we did Kanani’s senior portrait session at Kalepolepo beach in Kihei. It was a beautiful calm morning. From the session we used the portraits to create her graduation announcement.

In 2008 we created a senior portrait album for a client based on their Maui vacation.  The Garner’s were thrill with the outcome of the album.