Maui Photography – Projecting portraits on the big screen makes it easy for clients to select their favorites

At Maui Photography we understand not only how important the portraits we create are for our clients, but also how precious each minute of vacation time is. That is why we spend time before the session planning. Knowing what portraits are desired makes the entire  process easier for the clients.

Several years ago we had our portraits done on the beach and the photographer showed us 64 photographs of the same pose and told us to choose the one. It took us hours and was very painful.  At the same time this was a great learning  lesson. I decided that as a professional I know what the best images are and need to do everything possible to make the process of selection fun, and fast.

So after each session, I edit the portraits to just the best.  Then project them on a five foot screen. It is easier for clients to view images on a giant screen, than in a 6 inch window on the computer.  The software we use allows us to crop in any number of ways, and  project at any size you can imagine so clients can see exactly what the finished product will look like before leaving the studio.

If there is a concern about an eye being open, or a smile, we can zoom in and show it detail.   We can also talk about retouching.  The digital world is a wonderful one with all kinds of tools to make portraits look better. Unfortunately once clients go home, it is not possible to project, talk about options, retouching, and size.


Previous clients have told us that coming in for the projection was one of the highlights of the trip and a great investment of time.

If coming to Maui, please give us a call.  There is no charge for a consultation. 808 870 3686.


Maui Photography owner Douglas Hoffman is one of the photographers included in the new book Absolute Maui

The book Absolute Maui was delivered today and happily, there are three of Douglas’ chef photographs in the book.  They include Chef Marc McDowell, Sheldon Simeon, and James McDonald.

Chef James at the farm


I love that James prefers food to be fresh and go from the farm right to the plate.  Kudos to you Chef!



Traditional Canoes

On Doug’s recent trip to Fiji and Tonga, he encountered three of five traditional canoes.  The captain of one of them is a woman names Aunofo.  She is the Queen of the Sea.  It seems all five are going to meet in Fiji and sail together across the Pacific to California, then on to the Galapagos and several other destinations.  What an incredible adventure.

2011 Trips to Tonga for Whale Swimming

On Sept 2-12, 2011 well known marine photographer Mark Strickland and I will be guest photographers on a special 10 day cruise to the Ha’apai island group of Tonga. This area is remote, has pristine coral reefs, and a lot of whales. This will be my 6th season in Tonga and I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned about whale behavior and photography and traveling to Tonga. This information is sent before the Naia makes an announcement so that we can tell our friends and give them a chance before its listed on their site and promoted at DEMA.  Following the live-aboard adventure is another 10 day trip in the Vavau’ island group. This trip is land based and limited to five participants.
Check out the trips page on my website for details.
Recent article about Tonga.

Shark Diving in Fiji

I’m currently shark diving in Fiji and it is amazing.  On Monday I start my week stay on the Naia scuba diving around Fiji.  Then I flying over to Tonga to lead a group swimming with humpback whales.  I can’t wait to share all the images when I return.

If your interested in joining me next year send me an email and check out my trips page.  In 2011 I’m leading a group on the Naia to swim with humpback whales and doing a land based trip in Tonga.  Shark diving is also a possibility in Fiji.  I usually spend a few days in Fiji either before or after Tonga shark diving.

Praise from a recent workshop

Last night Doug received this comment from Mark Hull who participated in one of his recent workshops. Doug is one of the two main photographer at Maui Photography, the other is his beautiful wife Mieko. Thanks Mark!

“After returning from your workshop I told myself that it was the smartest thing I could have done on my trip to Maui. Your personal attention and knowledge was very much appreciated. You challenged me to do things differently and offered great suggestions to help improve in areas I was having trouble with. I like that you asked me in advance what I wanted to focus on and wanted to know about my problem areas. The special locations we traveled to allowed me to see parts of the island that many don’t get to see, and I returned with great images to boot.”

I would highly recommend your workshop to anyone interested in learning more about photography or just looking for an educated tour guide that knows the best locations for the ultimate photographs.

Thanks again for a great time, I hope to see you again on my next trip to Maui.

PS. Meeting your great family and viewing your studio was also very special and gave the day that “personal touch”.

Mark Hull

Those interested in workshops please click on this link.

1 Away from my Masters!

Since becoming a member of the Professional Photographers of America I have made a goal to earn the coveted degree of Master of Photography.   This year I took another step and am very close to reaching my goal. The PPA has annual print competitions in which prints thats score well earn merits that go towards advanced degrees. In the recent competition, two images did quite well.  As a result I am now only one merit away.  Perhaps 2011 will be my year.

Other images that merited can be seen through my website. I have whales, turtles, marine, scenic and much more.