Maui Photography – Beach portraits can be fun for the entire family

Families today are so busy that there never seems to be enough quality time together.  While at home everyone has their routine, but while on vacation the entire family is together.

As kids grow up they will remember certain things.  For example my daughter to this day cherishes the memory of us carving pumpkins for halloween.  Your kids might remember something like the day in Maui you had family portraits created and once the main portraits were done, the family had fun playing together in the sand or surf.Maui Family Portrait Photographer - Dawn_047


Animation and action serve to create portraits that evoke an emotional response

Interactive Sunset Portrait at Po’olenalena Beach

It always makes me smile when families are up to creating portraits that show some action and animation.  I really believe that this style of portrait communicates love, playfulness, and togetherness.  Take this portrait for example.   You can’t see the faces of the people, but you know they are having fun and making the most of their time together in paradise.  Years from now when the family members view the portrait they will immediately go back to Hawaii and remember all the great times and experiences had as a family.  As kids grow and get married this portrait will become one of their favorite family possessions.



November we are going to have…


Maui Family Photographer – Sullivan Family

We had a fun time with Sullivan Family on Monday. 

The happy Sullivan Family :-)

Its all started from these two.

Family is one.  But, each individual make their own foot prints.

Shooting up to create nice portrait with heavy bang.  You know, it’s in style now…

Memories of fun vacation time in Maui.

A lot of laughter during this session.

They were so happy and could not stop jumping around.

After the session, lounging around enjoying the beautiful sunset.

It was so nice to meet you all, Sullivan Family!





Maui Baby Portrait – Baby’s first portrait session in your house


When baby is born, pack up every little things that baby needs and leave your house could be challenging.  Your body is healing from child birth.  Baby’s sleeping pattern is not set yet.  Your other family member’s daily routine.  etc. etc….  That shouldn’t prevent you from giving him/her a first portrait session of life.  I will come to your house and find/create a beautiful professional lighting to produce memorable portraits.  Planning it is easy.  Contact me today  or (808) 879-0260.  Look forward to hear from you.


Maui Photography Specializes in Large Family Get togethers

Mieko and I get contacted by members of large families that are coming to Hawaii on vacation on a daily basis. We understand that there are several families and involved, and each person/sibling has their own specific needs in addition to the needs of the entire group.

For many of our clients this is the first time in years that everyone has been assembled in the same place for a reason other than a funeral. One of the most common requests we get is to create a portrait with the entire family for the patriarchs. Then to create at least one family portrait of each siblings family.

Were professional and detail oriented. We want to make sure the clothes you select fit the decor in the room where the portrait will be displayed. We also want to know the emotion and expression desired. Looking at the camera and smiling gives one emotion, while walking along the beach and talking to each other gives an entirely different feel.

The key to a successful family portrait session with multiple families is pre -planning. Knowing the needs of the group and each sub family allows us to let you know the costs are before you get to Hawaii so there is no surprise. This way when you come to the studio to see images projected on a five foot screen the time is spent selecting the images that have the most impact not thinking about the cost.

Some families are large and 25 plus people. We understand driving everyone to a location can require effort and extra planning. Since family portraits are not something done often, it makes sense to pick the best location possible. Portraits are forever.

Having said that there are plenty of times when convenience is more important. Moving a lot of young kids, or handicapped family members can be an issue. When this happens we strive to find a location that fits everyones needs.

The hardest part of the entire process is planning and communicating before even getting to Maui.

Clients for life

Thanks for our returning clients Pamela and Yee-Hsee.  They are as just as in love as they were on their wedding day just little more merrier with their adorable children! What an adorable family.

YouTube Preview Image

Maui Family Photography – Our Holiday Portrait Study with Hana

You think photographing my own child as professional photographer is a easy thing to do, right?  Our first daughter, Hana is a tough cookie.  She can destroy any photographer’s confidence.   Her eyes can’t bear Strobe light even with huge defuser box. She won’t allow me to use reflector if sun is to harsh because reflection will be too strong.  She will only give me squint.  On top of that, her eyes know exactly when I press shutter button and her eye lids go down at the same time.  So I have to photograph her at late afternoon, use shallow depth of field and slower shutter speed. It will be extremely difficult if subject moves with this kind of setting.  Guess what?  she fidget through while I take photographs of her…  Lol!