Consumers guide to photography on Maui

Aloha everyone!

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With the holidays approaching, many families are considering have a portrait commissioned.  There are now over 300 photographers on the island, and each one has a nice website.  All have different levels of experience, ability, and fee structures.   Make sure you get what you want.   Take the time to find the right photographer for you. This guide was written to help consumers find the best portrait photographer for their family.

On behalf of Maui Photography, we would like to wish everyone a joyous holiday season.  May you all be well and be surrounded by those that love you!

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Animation and action serve to create portraits that evoke an emotional response

Interactive Sunset Portrait at Po’olenalena Beach

It always makes me smile when families are up to creating portraits that show some action and animation.  I really believe that this style of portrait communicates love, playfulness, and togetherness.  Take this portrait for example.   You can’t see the faces of the people, but you know they are having fun and making the most of their time together in paradise.  Years from now when the family members view the portrait they will immediately go back to Hawaii and remember all the great times and experiences had as a family.  As kids grow and get married this portrait will become one of their favorite family possessions.



November we are going to have…


Maui Family Photographer – Sullivan Family

We had a fun time with Sullivan Family on Monday. 

The happy Sullivan Family :-)

Its all started from these two.

Family is one.  But, each individual make their own foot prints.

Shooting up to create nice portrait with heavy bang.  You know, it’s in style now…

Memories of fun vacation time in Maui.

A lot of laughter during this session.

They were so happy and could not stop jumping around.

After the session, lounging around enjoying the beautiful sunset.

It was so nice to meet you all, Sullivan Family!





Including the family pet in portraits.

Many people consider their dog as part of the family so it makes since to include them when having portraits created.

Include the famly dogs in your portraits

We love our dogs and include them whenever we do family portraits.  Occasionally, we leave the family out and just make portraits of the dogs.  We found this to be priceless as Yap passed away last year.  Our family enjoys the portraits created each day.

Yap and Finn

In the not to distant future we will need to have a new portrait created that includes Dusty.  He is our 4 month old puppy.   Dusty has only been to the beach twice and get gets very excited.  Stay tuned………

Digital cameras are so ever-present in society today. Even my phone has a camera

Each month we see new and smaller cameras in the hands of tourists coming to Hawaii.  Indeed, i t is getting easier and easier for people to take pictures, Even today’s cell phones are creating photographs.

Family is very important and portraits like this are priceless

We  think its great because the more the public takes pictures, the more they are learning about photography.  These days people are able to see the difference between a well posed, composed & illuminated portrait from one that is not.

Mind you were not saying that the public can explain why one image is better than another, only that people are starting to see a difference.  This is starting to build respect and value back into photography. Recent trends show people are learning that while they can take pictures posing people & lighting them well is not easy.

Family portraiture on Maui

In the not to distant past a person would shoot a roll of film and take it to the lab.  The people there would do their magic and just like that people got nice pictures.   When digital came out people and photo labs had to start learning Photoshop to make their pictures better. This has truly made the last 10 years the digital age and one of the reasons why people are starting to hire professionals again.  As a result we’re getting more inquiries from people.

I tell people who are on the fence about hiring a professional portrait photographer.  Having a portrait created is not something done often. So when ts time – its important to do right.  Its kind of like hiring a plumber. When you have the need, its better to get a pro and get it taken care of right the first time.

I tried hiring a home repairman to fix a leak, and in the end I spent more time, money, and frustration than if I had hired a plumber to begin with.


For those that want to do it yourself, why not take a photography workshop as a family.  IT will be fun, and you will take home knowledge and great memories.


Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy

This family is having a blast on their Maui vacation.  As the kids grow up an start their own lives this portrait will remind them of the fun times had growing up.

Having a family portrait created while on vacation is the best time to have a portrait created. After all, the whole family is together having fun, where as at home its hard to find the right time because everyone has different schedules.