Maui Family Portrait Photographer – Blum Family

Blum Family decided to do family portrait while on their vacation in Maui.  We had a nice chat.  Their busy vacation schedule and my work schedule were met.  In two days, we are on portrait session.  Next day, she came to my studio to view images projected on 5 feet monitor.  Planning for family portrait could be this easy :-)

Thanks to Blum Family for including me as a part of your Maui vacation!



Maui Family Photographer – Sullivan Family

We had a fun time with Sullivan Family on Monday. 

The happy Sullivan Family :-)

Its all started from these two.

Family is one.  But, each individual make their own foot prints.

Shooting up to create nice portrait with heavy bang.  You know, it’s in style now…

Memories of fun vacation time in Maui.

A lot of laughter during this session.

They were so happy and could not stop jumping around.

After the session, lounging around enjoying the beautiful sunset.

It was so nice to meet you all, Sullivan Family!





A portrait should tell the story about the person in the photograph

In this image of Chef James, you see him in the garden on his knees  picking beets.  This speaks to the Chefs attitude toward cooking of going from the farm to the plate.  Use this as an example when photographing your family and tell a story with your photographs.

If coming to Maui, why not schedule your own location portrait session?

Clothing is an important consideration and part of the portrait planning process

“What should we wear” for our family portrait  is a question Mieko and I get frequently.  I tell clients that as much as we create beautiful portraits that capture the emotion and expressions of their family, we are also creating custom home decor. So it makes sense that the clothes compliment the color scheme of the room the portrait will be displayed in.

This means that for rooms that have soft colors and wooden tones, colors like white, khaki, denim and soft pastels work well.  Clothes with logos, stripes, checks, or loud patterns do not. Black should be avoided.

Our goal is to help families determine the number of different poses or breakdowns desired so we have time to create everything.  Knowing what is desired also allows us the opportunity to inform clients what the costs  are so any issues or inconsistencies can be taken care of.

So, a fair amount of advance planning is required.  While this does take time, it enables families to  make important decisions before they get here so  in the end they get what they really want.

Maui Wailea Po’oleanlena Beach, Family portrait, Family Photography

Our web site has a portrait planning guide and a consumers guide to photography on Maui, located on the family portraiture gallery drop down menu.

If coming to Maui and you would like to learn more about photography please contact us.

Maui Family Photography, Family Portrait – McDonald Family

Maui Wailea Po'oleanlena Beach, Family portrait, Family Photography

Many times families ask us to create a portrait that includes not only the beauty of Hawaii but also the playful nature of their family. One of the ways we do this is to ask the family to go for a walk on the beach.

If your coming to Maui or interested in photography these links might be of value.  More about family photography

Finding the Best Portrait Photographer for your Family

With the holidays approaching, many families are considering having portraits commissioned.  This Maui portraiture guide was written to help consumers find the best photographer for their family.

Sunset portrait at Po'olenalena Beach

There are hundreds of photographers on Maui.  Some are really good while others are very reasonably priced. In order to avoid disappointment it is good to invest some time in planning and decide what is most important to your family.

Do you want portraits that capture the expression and personalities of your family or just snapshots in Hawaii. Are you looking for something to put on the wall over the fireplace or a few gift prints to send to grandma and Grandpa?  The point is the more planning you do before hiring a photographer the happier you will be with the results.

Here are some questions to think about as you plan.

What is the primary reason having a portrait created now?

How many different portraits, family poses or breakdowns do you want?

Do you want formal or casual portraits?

Do you envision portraits with peoples faces looking at camera, looking at baby, looking off camera, looking at each other.  Please explain your vision.

Do you want a portrait that tells the story of living in Hawaii, or do you want portraits that focus more on the people less of the environment.

If you could go anywhere you wanted to make the portrait where would you go?

Will you need duplicates of any images as gifts for family members?

Do you know where in your home the portraits will be displayed? Would the space complement a vertical or horizontal portrait?

What products are you interested in? coffee table books, paintings, collages, canvas portraits, Kodak Prints, discs of images, music slide shows, holiday cards, e.t.c…

Do you have an established budget?

Have you thought about what to wear?







Tips for doing family photography this Holiday Season

Holidays are great time for families to get together and take pictures.  When I was growing up for whatever reason my family waited till the meal was over than gathered everyone around the table for a group photo. I remember the table was full of plates, half empty glasses, and serving dishes but it didn’t matter that was when they took the picture.

A generation later we still take photographs of the family but now we do it before everyone eats. We go outside and do something fun. This way there are no food stains on the kids or table, and everyone is awake.   As were preparing for this years holiday we thought to share a few tips.

First,  if planning to do a family portrait that will be displayed on the wall give thought to where in the house the portrait will go and try to match the clothes the family wears to the color theme in that room.   If there are a few kids in the family young or old that always give you trouble when its time for family photos, simply tell them that you work hard to provide a good life. In appreciation everyone can cooperate for some family portraits.

Second, use a tripod if you have one it eliminates camera shake and this is a huge problem.  If not available hold your elbows into your body to eliminate movement, and gently press the shutter.  Make sure the shutter speed is about 1/125th of a second as this will also help eliminate movement.

Next, have the family look at the lens, then look at each other.  Photographs of people interacting and relating to each other have good impact and tell a story.

Finally, avoid the tendency to put people in the center of the frame.  Instead try putting them a little on the left or right.  This change of composition can add a lot of interest and story telling to your photographs. You can also try having the kids look away and have them jump into the setting sun like in this image.

Family fun under the sun

See more information about family portraiture here